Restaurant Genussterrasse

Aggsbach Markt, Austria


Hospitality Industry 2023

The restaurant “Genussterrasse” is a traditionally operated establishment known for its good home-cooked meals. It is particularly favored by summer visitors, including bathers, campers, and cyclists, offering a beautiful view over the Danube.

In collaboration with the dedicated leaseholder, Mr. Andres Gratz, the kitchen was planned to accommodate 100-200 servings per day within a limited space. Special features include a central block manufactured by STAHL, incorporating Berner induction technology, as well as a combination steamer from Convotherm and refrigeration units from Polaris, complementing the kitchen. Additionally, we were responsible for creating the bar area and the refrigerated rooms located in the basement.

The assembly, including commissioning, was completed within one week, and the kitchen was handed over to the satisfied users.